On Friday 28th February the school helped out with Clean Up Australia Day. The whole school gathered a total amount of 13 kg of rubbish. Next year let’s try to reduce our rubbish in the school yard; simply by picking up rubbish when found on the ground and making sure that EVERY DAY is a rubbish free lunch day.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on the day.

Harry and Aaran

Environment Team Captains

IMG_4245 Mr Macaulay is excited about collecting rubbish.

IMG_4250 So is Raymond!IMG_4262 Filling up Mr Chan’s bagIMG_4267 Dulith collects rubbishIMG_4270 Luca and James pull some weeds

IMG_4333 Weighing the bags.IMG_4339 Three bags all weighed.IMG_4342 Ready for Monash Council to collect.



Chris Jordan is an internationally famous artist and cultural activist based in Seattle. His work explores mass consumerism and waste and how it can be represented as art. He uses a snapshot of waste created over a period of time to show how humans are creating a huge problem for the planet and all the creatures on it, including ourselves. His work asks us to consider our own roles in becoming more conscious protectors of our complex and endangered world. Chris Jordan’s works are exhibited and published worldwide. His website is

Chris Jordan is currently working on a movie entitled Midway which looks at how the plastics that we throw away are ending up in the oceans and in turn the albatrosses are feeding on them. The albatrosses then feed this plastic to their babies and the babies then die. It will be out later this year but you can view the trailer here:

Check out this video of his work with school children at Melbourne’s Federation Square!


Local schoolchildren have pitched in to help internationally-renowned artist  Chris Jordan construct a message about e-waste at Federation Square in  Melbourne.

About 7000 smashed, water-damaged and otherwise old and unloved mobile phones  have been brought together to raise awareness about the growing mountain of  electronic waste Australians are keeping in their homes.

“It was really fun,” says Jordan. “We were like dumping boxes of cell phones  on the ground and it was like pouring paint onto a canvas.”

It took Jordan and a dozen year nine students about four hours to construct  one phone from thousands of others, the installation attracting scores of  interested onlookers who snapped pics with their phones.

“There are a lot of rare materials that are in these phones, like gold and  silver,” he says, “and if they can capture that then it doesn’t have to be mined  out of the ground again.”

The work was commissioned by MobileMuster and the Sustainable Living  Foundation, who’ve installed bins to collect retired and unwanted phones.

There are an estimated 23 million mobiles in need of recycling across  Australia. Tap the videos above to meet Chris Jordan and see his latest  creation, then learn more about where you can recycle your old phone at

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cj talk Speaking to us about his artwork

face Amongst the plastic bottles that he used for his artwork.

mobile phones Mobile phones for recycling

plastic cups This is how many plastic cups are used on American airline flights in just 6 hours!

the great wave This picture of the great wave was made from plastic that was collected from beaches.

great wave close up This is a close up of the plastic collected from the beaches.

great wave closer An even closer look.poptech-chris-jordan-plastic-bottles-all This was one days use of plastic bottles in the USA.

seurrat This Seurat painting was made from aluminium cans.It shows 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds.




Environment Team Captains’ Speech at Assembly on Monday 17th February, 2014:

On Friday, 14th February, the Year 6 Environment Team went to the Sustainable Living Festival in Federation Square. We first listened to Chris Jordan speak. Chris Jordan is a photographer from Seattle in the U.S.A. He takes data and turns it into photos of waste used over a period of time. He told us that such small things like not buying bottled water can help to save the world. Next we got to do a Mobile Muster workshop, where they told us about all the different parts and how to pull apart a mobile phone by ourselves. There is a container at the Community Recycling Station in the Office where you can place your old mobile phones. Overall, we had a great day learning about how we can make a difference in the world and we got to take home a little veggie seedling as a gift.

Aaran P and Harry J

Environment Team Captains

IMG_4047 Flinders St StationIMG_4054 With Chris Jordan after his speech. You can see his artwork at IMG_4059 All of the food at the festival came on plates that were reusable.IMG_4060 100% frozen fruit icy poles

IMG_4064 an idea for our next Royal Melbourne Show entry perhaps?IMG_4067 We sponsor Monti the Orang-utan through these peopleIMG_4069 Looking at all the stalls at the festival

IMG_4070 We are friends of the Leadbeater’s Possum

IMG_4073 Spiros taught us about the importance of recycling mobile phonesIMG_4077 And we got to pull them apart and find all of the recyclable partsIMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4087 IMG_4095 We ate our pure mango icy poles on the way home

IMG_4098 Relaxing on the trainIMG_4101 IMG_4103 And a little veggie seedling as a souvenir of the day