1. Use safe reusable food and drink containers.

Ensure you have a range of different sizes including some that are airtight for items like yoghurt or fruit salads. Stainless steel containers are a great option for many reasons, they won’t leach toxins into your children’s food, they chill quickly in an insulated lunch bag and stay chilled, and you can draw a picture on them or put a reusable cling sticker on them to make the containers fun for your kids. If you choose to use plastic containers, ensure they are BPA free.

2. Purchase items in bulk and save money $$$$$$$.

Instead of buying the 6 pack of yoghurts with Dora/The Wiggles, purchase a 500g/1kg tub of yoghurt and put individual portions in a liquid-tight container. Buy the 1kg tub instead of the individual tubs and save $12.54 and 11 non-recyclable packages! Less money and less waste! Other items suitable for bulk purchase include dried fruit, biscuits and cheese, popcorn, chips, seeds.

3. Make your own lunch items.

Homemade items that feature well in a rubbish free lunch include homemade fruit bars and muesli slice, pieces of fruit or a fresh fruit salad, vegetable sticks with homemade dip, a sandwich or a wrap, fresh popcorn, homemade muffins and mini quiches just to name a few. By making your own lunch items, you can then purchase the raw ingredients in bulk too – like 5kg of flour in a calico sack instead of 1kg in plastic or paper packaging. And an added bonus of making your own things…its healthier for your kids as there are no preservatives, flavours or colours…just good old fashioned raw ingredients…imagine that!