Each year schools have their trees audited by an arborist and this year, as in previous years, Eucalyptus Tree Services conducted our audit. Unfortunately they have identified that our three significant oak trees in the main courtyard are in serious danger, not only through a lack of water to their root system but also the years of damage of compacting the roots underneath asphalt.

We have been provided with four options:

  1. Do nothing and wait to see if the trees survive
  2. Drill holes in the asphalt for water to seep through. However, this does not resolve the issue of compacted roots and the holes would need to be serviced regularly to keep clear
  3. Remove the asphalt surrounding the trees back to the rubber playground surface and out to the northern cut line where the tree’s drip line is, mulch and construct sleep walls around the mulch
  4. The most expensive but most appealing suggestion to date is remove the asphalt as in point 3 and construct decking and timber seating surrounding the trees thus beautifying the area and creating a great deal of seating under the trees

Last Wednesday at the first Parents and Friends meeting the P & F members in attendance were 100% supportive of option 4 and with great enthusiasm commenced brainstorming ideas to raise money for the project and ideas to promote the project.

I am currently in the process of obtaining ideas and costings from Canopy Facilities Management Systems which I will take to the next P & F meeting on Wednesday 1 March at 7.30pm in the staffroom. This meeting is also the AGM to elect office bearers and all parents are welcome.

When a decision has been made on the design of the decking and seating along with the cost, it will be displayed in the newsletter, on our website and hard copies around our school to enable the community to see what we are raising money for.

I look forward to the communities support with this most important project.

Greg Paine