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4WB got out into the fresh air and communed with nature.

6NR Gardening and Oak Trees

Our beautiful oak trees are unfortunately endangered because people are swinging on the poor branches, pulling the leaves off the tree and stepping on the roots. The oak trees give us shade for recess, lunch and some classroom sessions that help us connect to our environment. We would like to say that 6NR is trying their best to help the oak trees by asking people to take care of them and make little changes for the environment. This week we engaged the students in our class to learn more about the large and harmonious oak trees and how they are in danger. 6NR has also been watering the plants that teachers have in their classroom and reminding them to look after them properly. We also learnt more about Xiuhtezcatl Martinez who is an indigenous, young environmentalist that wants to make a change to the world, showing us we can all make a difference regardless of our age. PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE OAK TREES!!! Respect and care for our environment, always.

Jazmin & Julie, Environment Captains 2017 and 6NR



Gardening February from mwps on Vimeo.

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5B got out into nature and did some gardening, weeding, sweeping and tidying up. They loved being in the sun and doing some community service.

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Garden volunteers



IMG_6276 Students at school in the early 1900s helping out with the school’s gardening program.

IMG_2578 IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 Our students doing the same over 100 years later!


On Monday 29 February, 5D decided to do something about the unkempt sandpit and paths leading from the oval to the SLA – we were going to make them tidier! Armed with brooms, the boys worked in teams to sweep the tem bark, sand and gravel to the sides of the paths so that they would not only look tidier, but also become safer for students to walk on.








The girls especially worked very well as a team to sweep up the sand that had spilled out of the sandpit, and used shovels to scoop it back into the pit. The sandpit looked so much neater after that!








5D is really proud to be able to do our part to make the school grounds neat and tidy!

3B And The Preying Mantis

For Gardening this week, 3B investigated the Praying Mantis. We had all been very interested in the one that had been living in our room for a few days. Saveen and Jishnu shared their knowledge with our class, teaching us that they start off as an egg and hatch into a nymph, then into an adult. We have learnt to put bugs and insects back where we found them outside so that they can survive with the correct food, temperature and environment. Interesting facts: – The female Praying Mantis is bigger than the male. – In one egg case there are 200 babies. – You can’t handle a nymph for at least 48 hours after it has hatched. After releasing him, we went outside to look for more, or other insects. We also learned about our classroom plants. We know now that certain plants have smells that can help us with memory. We need to make sure our plants have enough water, sunlight and healthy soil.12



Prep E Gardening

Now that the picnic place has the shade sails up, Prep E thought it was time to pretty the area up a bit.

We propagated some seeds earlier this term and this week we planted them in the rainbow shape planter boxes. We have been watering them and watching them carefully.

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Term 1 2015

6A and 6B Make The Mulch Pile Magically Disappear!

IMG_0396 IMG_0402 IMG_0405 IMG_0415 IMG_0432


Senior Students Shovel In The Sunshine

5B and 5D worked wonderfully as a team shovelling mulch into the garden beds.

IMG_6323[1] IMG_6326 IMG_6319


It was our turn to complete an activity incorporating gardening last week. As we were learning about fact and opinion, we decided to complete our fact and opinions on plants/trees.

2C SS 1


DSC_1047 DSC_1048

1B Gets Sweeping!

It was our turn for gardening last week and it was super hot so we decided to stay undercover and do some sweeping of the path outside our room.  Sweeping is a very hard job for us grade 1’s – sometimes we needed three people to push the broom!    

IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4961




4C Get Out And Enjoy The Spring Sunshine

Here are some comments from the students…

Sweeping was enjoyable and I felt happy to clean up our school.


I enjoyed sweeping the path outside 4C’s classroom and it’s now safer for running and more comfortable to sit on.

We know it’s important to pull out the weeds becuase they kill the plants by taking water which the plants need.

We developed a weeding system between us which we really enjoyed.

IMG_1294[1] IMG_1293[2] IMG_1292[1] IMG_1291[1] IMG_1290[1] IMG_1289[1] IMG_1286[1] IMG_1285[1]

NEW Year 1 & 2 and Junior Environment Club Permaculture Garden Beds.


Thanks to our resident work men for putting the beds together and filling them, Mr Barraclough for the big wooden vegies and Ms Leary for organising the project. Our Year 1 and 2 students and the Junior Environment Club can now plant lots of lovely vegetables in their new colourful beds.

IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6110 IMG_6111 IMG_6112 IMG_6113 IMG_6114 IMG_6115 IMG_6116 IMG_6117 IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6120 IMG_6121

Grade 1C’s Gardening Adventure

On Monday afternoon we headed outside with 1D to do some gardening. Mrs Leary had told us about the huge pile of mulch that we could help to get onto the gardens.  We paired up, grabbed a bucket and off we set.  It was hard work.  We had to fill the buckets and then walk to areas of the garden that needed some mulch.  Each pair was trying to count how many buckets they could do.  We know that we didn’t get the pile down too far but we hope that our efforts helped the school a little bit!

IMG_2466 IMG_2467IMG_2469IMG_2468

5D Get Outside And Garden

On the Friday the 7th March 5D went out in the garden and helped clean up the environment.

We (Winnie and Lila) both really enjoyed this experience some of the jobs that we completed were:

Spreading mulch, weeding, sweeping and picking up rubbish, these are some of the many jobs that you can do to help keep Australia clean!

This is important because, we don’t want Australia in the future becoming a junk mound!

1 3 4


Greening Up The Classroom In 3C

This week it was 3C’s turn to do some gardening. We decided we would make our classroom greener by planting some coriander.

1) We added some stones to the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.

2) We added soil.

3) We wet the soil.

4) We planted the seeds.

5) We watered the soil again.

6) We placed the pot on our desks.

IMAG2748 IMAG2749 IMAG2750 IMAG2751 IMAG2753 IMAG2754 IMAG2755 IMAG2756 IMAG2757 IMAG2758

Gardening Duty by 6B

On the 21st of February, our class, 6B, spent our last hour doing Garden Duty. Together we worked the hour away, sweeping sand back into the sandpit and shovelling mulch into the gardens. We worked extremely hard and had a fantastic result – the sandpit looked much neater and the gardens’ plants will benefit from the mulch. We also had a lot of fun doing it! The work we did was productive and we were proud of our teamwork.


2 3

5A and 6E Buddy Up To Do Some Gardening!

IMG_4032Keep gardening because it helps the earth and it is quite fun too! Neha 5A


boysGardening helps nature and without tress we wouldn’t be able to live. Senuka 6E

I really liked using the wheelbarrows and wheeling the mulch into the gardens. Yash 6E

IMG_4030 Spreading the mulch was fun because we got to be outside and make the gardens look better. Melinda 5A

thomas Weeds are so careless that they can never grow in a straight row. Thomas 6E


girlsI liked being in the garden with my friend Maddy and helping the school look good. Jessica 5A


lucaGet gardening Australia! Luca 5A

I liked gardening because it’s good to be outside. Dulith 5A

IMG_4033  I loved doing this because it is good for the environment and it is helping our school to look better. Matthew 5A

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