1 can of baked beans

1/2 can corn or 1 cup

1 potato

1 rasher of bacon

1 onion

Vegetables from the garden (about 1 – 2 cups)

3 -4 cups of water

Salt and pepper

  • Optional extra: glass noodles


Chop the onion. Set aside.

Chop the bacon. Set aside.

Dice the potato into cubes. Set aside.

Open the tin of baked beans. Set aside.

Collect the corn. Set aside.

Chop the vegetables and set aside.

Sauté (fry) the onions until they start to become transparent (clear).

Add the chopped bacon and fry until cooked.

Add the chopped vegetables and fry for 1 -2 minutes.

Add the baked bean, potatoes and corn.

Add enough water to cover the vegetables.

Add some salt and pepper.


Bring to the boil and simmer (small bubbles) until the potatoes are cooked.

  • Add the noodles for 2 minutes at this stage.

Serve in bowls and enjoy.


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