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This week is Cool Australia’s Enviroweek. We have been participating in this for the past few years. It required us to take action for the environment. All that was expected of us was that we spared a ½ hour this week, to do something environmentally based. It could was as easy as going out with our class to look at all of the Spring flowers or do some gardening. We could do an activity in class or lie on the oval and watch the clouds float by.


waste-warriorth0lfj55c4We were WASTE WARRIORS and FOODIES by having our weekly Rubbish Free Lunch and a Target Tuesday clean up.


green-thumbWe were GREEN THUMBS by maintaining our gardens and planting vegetables in the permaculture gardens. We spread mulch onto the gardens and weeded the gardens.

sparkyWe were SPARKIES by having regular Earth Hours on the Fridays. Every day we have energy monitors that ensure that energy is not being wasted in classrooms and other areas. We have signs on all power points and switches to turn off!

wild-childWe were WILD CHILDREN by getting out into nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Enviroweek 2015: Smart Ways To Live

coolaustralias enviroweek - smart ways to live - enviroweek.org

Enviroweek challenges young Australians to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia from August 24-30, 2014.

All Enviroweek challenges are about making smart choices and have Co2-e (black balloon) measures for students to watch their action grow across their school, community and Australia-wide.

Enviroweek is free, fun and connects young people. Our School also gets the chance to win great prizes and fundraise for our own environmental projects.

Students and families

  • Check out our challenge action at http://www.enviroweek.org/teams/mount-waverley-primary-school/ 
  • Watch our impact grow
  • See the black balloon Co2-e savings for our School and for Australia
  • Check out other Schools’ action
  • Join Enviroweek on Facebook and Twitter to access special prizes, event updates and activity tips to make Enviroweek really count
  • Support Enviroweek fundraising for our School.

Visit www.enviroweek.org   or http://www.enviroweek.org/teams/mount-waverley-primary-school/ to see our School and our positive impact.

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