Over the last couple of weeks of this Term, Year 5 students have been working extremely hard on their Queen’s Commonwealth Writing Competition. The chosen topic students were asked to write about focused on Climate Change and protecting our planet Earth. We’d like to share one poem with you, written by Ethan .
I am Planet Earth

Written by Ethan 5B

Every planet is unique, especially me: I am planet Earth
I am filled with water, air and life.
Humans, animal, tress and ice,
but I am afraid some people want my demise.

As animals die, people eat,
and they fill their bellies with juicy meat.
As habitats are lost and turned to dirt,
lots of animals stare and snarl in thirst.

Populations decrease as pollution grows fast,
and as animals become extinct, most species won’t last.
Insects, birds, mammals and fish,
eventually, we won’t have a luscious dish.

One other problem is global warming,
it can cause water shortages and can be extremely deforming.
It can also cause greenhouse gases to make me warmer,
and can also help pollution grow rapidly and stronger.

So I tell you all to STOP all this baloney,
and maybe we all can save animals so that we won’t be lonely.
STOP throwing bags, plastics and STOP ocean mining,
and start recycling and stop the animal’s population from declining.

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