Congratulations to these students who were chosen as the winners for last term’s Tree Planting Day Colouring Competition. The winners were chosen by the Kids Teaching Kids Team.

All winners won a fabulous prize and their entry has been put up on display near the office.

Zoe PF

Hamish PC

Dilan 1E

Tasha 1D

Shubh 2A

Olivia 2C

Anna 3C

Allycia 3B

Irene 4E

Ethan 4E

Hitani 5D

Tanya 5A

Alina 6B

The following adults also won so could their child please come and collect their prize.

Jacinta Egan.

Colin Rowsell.

Now for the teacher prizes:

Miss Bonacci and Miss T


All of the other adults who entered also won a prize.

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