On this day, the whole school celebrates our Environmental Sustainability programs and achievements.Your child may dress in green clothes or as their favourite animal. We will be having a whole school Nude Food Picnic on the oval, so please ensure that your child has a RUBBISH FREE LUNCH on the day. This year we are very lucky to have a special visit from Leigh’s Reptiles Show; an entertaining educational and informative introduction to the world of reptiles, mammals and invertebrates. This show aims to allow children to experience live animals up close in a safe and controlled environment. It is a “hands on” demonstration that will provide a life time of memories. The children will have a choice of whether they wish to touch the animals or just watch the show. We will also have a visit from Ben’s Bees. Ben Moore provides a unique introduction to the amazing world of bees. Students can safely observe the intricate behaviour of live bees in a special observation hive. This is a fun, engaging presentation that will inspire fertile minds to learn more about nature, science and the environment. The students will also receive a GREEN DAY SHOWBAG with various items such as seeds, fresh fruit, stickers, colouring sheets and environmental products.