What’s been happening?

For the past few weeks we have been learning about recycling in our school. Each class learnt about what buckets and bins we have in our classrooms and around the school. We did recycling races and toured the school looking at all of the different recycling bins that we have. Just remember “Oh no, don’t throw it out! Take it to school and recycle it!”

We also spread some mulch as part of the gardening program. We learnt about what mulch is and why it is important to mulch the gardens. Mulch acts like a blanket for the gardens; it keeps it cool in summer, warm in winter, protected from the wind and provides nutrients for the soil and food for bugs.

The Year 5 students have started planting broad bean and snow pea seeds in anticipation of planting them in the Permaculture gardens very soon. They have learnt about climate zones, seasons and how to choose the right crops for Melbourne’s temperate climate.

We also have been watching some Monarch butterflies hatch. This has been fascinating for the students; to watch nature in all its glory, first hand.

Learning about, with and for nature is essential for student wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the planet.


Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday 1st March the school helped out with Clean Up Australia Day for the 17th year! The whole school gathered a total amount of 9.5kg kg of rubbish. That is an decrease of 10 kgs from last year’s 19.5kg total. Next year let’s try to reduce our rubbish in the school yard even more; simply by picking up rubbish when found on the ground and making sure that EVERY DAY IS A RUBBISH FREE LUNCH DAY.

Cleaning up regularly is very important. We need to make sure that we don’t let rubbish get into our drains because it then ends up in our waterways and kills our marine animals. If you see rubbish, please pick it up, especially near waterways like the beach. You can also join  Take 3 For The Sea at https://www.take3.org/ . Simply Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway