Kids need to get gritty and get their hands dirty

This year we held our 17th Annual MWPS Tree Planting Day on Monday July 31st 2017. We planted 400 new native trees and shrubs around the school. The Year 6 Enviro KTK team ran the day by themselves and must be commended for their hard work. Well done Julie, Jazmin, Max, Amir, Jenny, John, Arian, Nudara, Mirae and our Year 5 Enviro Team members Eadie, Olivia, Kenneth, Gianna and Sarina. Also a big thanks to Mr Rooks and our groundsman Peter for helping out all day too. Mulch will be laid around the new plants and students will maintain the gardens during their class gardening sessions. Over the last 17 years we have planted approximately six and a half thousand (6,500) plants. Quite an achievement! Classes also did tree themed activities in their rooms.


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