Kids need to get gritty and get their hands dirty!

Getting outside – beyond our four walls – and experiencing the natural world helps children grow grit, resilience, critical thinking, problem solving and emotional intelligence. Research also shows that outdoor learning and nature time fosters cognitive, emotional and physical development in children.

These key findings have been released in our 2017 research report, sponsored by Toyota Australia, titled Learning from Trees – Life Lessons for Future Generations. 200 teachers across Australia were asked to identify the key skills children need to learn now, to be prepared to tackle global challenges such as climate change, in the future. 60 per cent of teachers cited problem solving and critical thinking, ‘grit’ or resilience, and emotional intelligence as the most important skills for facing future challenges; teachers also ranked these same skills as their students’ weakest.

Parents, schools and the wider community all have an important role to play to ensure the next generation develops a strong connection to nature. Simple actions like teaching a class outdoors or getting your hands dirty on National Tree Day ticks a lot of boxes.

That is why we will be holding our 17th Annual MWPS Tree Planting Day on Monday July 31st 2017. We will plant 400 new native trees and shrubs around the school. Mulch will be laid around the new plants and students will maintain the gardens during their class gardening sessions. Over the last 16 years we have planted approximately six and a half thousand (6,500) plants. Quite an achievement! If you would like to volunteer some time to help on the day, please contact Ms Leary (you must have a current WWC check).

Just like every year, there will be a colouring competition held to celebrate Tree Planting Day. Entry forms can be downloaded from the Sustainability Competitions page:

There are entry forms for Juniors P-2, Seniors 3-6 and Adults so the whole family can get involved and of course there will be FABULOUS PRIZES to be won! The colouring competition closes on Friday 4th August 2017.

For more information on Tree Planting Day go to You can host your own tree planting day or join a community one!