‘Deep Water Well’ Raffle    

The Year 4 students have been working really hard to ‘make a difference’ at a local and international level. This term we have decided to extend our global citizenship and awareness by holding a raffle with all of the proceeds going to World Vision to build a deep water well in a third world country.

A deep well can provide up to10,600 litres of clean water a day to benefit as many as 300 people. In addition, a deep well can cut a community’s child death rate by as much as half! Clean water lies hundreds of feet below layers of hard rock in many communities. Children have no choice but to walk long distances to find water that is often dirty and full of disease. Along with poor sanitation, this unsafe water kills 2 million children a year.

‘Deep Water Well’ Raffle

Raffle Prizes 

$150 Athlete’s Foot voucher

Adidas voucher

$150 custom mouth guard (Dr Mini Ravindran)

 $500 Fleximate voucher (Edirisinghe family)

$50 voucher at Delish cafe (Loukopoulos family)

Peter Alexander pyjamas Dr Seuss boys set size 10 and Panda girls set size 12

Fidget Spinner

Smiggle Pack

Tickets = $1 each

On Sale 1st half of recess and lunch outside the Oak Trees (Monday 19th – 23rd)

One thought on “YOU CAN HELP!

  1. Congratulations to our Y4 students on this initiative! That you have put a plan into action to support communities in Third World countries is highly commendable, particularly when it is a program to provide fresh drinking water!
    A great effort team!

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