MWPS Student Makes ABC News Headlines!

Kids sign up as citizen scientists with new app that feeds Australian species database.

Rising star and sustainability scientist Austin M from Year 5 has made ABC News headlines with his work in the field. As an avid bird watcher he is a registered citizen scientist and is at the top of his game. Read the article and watch the BTN video that has made us all very proud of him and his work.


19 thoughts on “MWPS Student Makes ABC News Headlines!

  1. Good job Austin! It’s so cool that you’re helping scientists! And now you’re famous! Well done !

    P.S. Does anyone know about any other games like QuestiGame, just for different fields of science? Thanks!

  2. Amazing Austin, how did you become such a keen eye. Your family would of been a expert team of bird watchers. Personally I think the app is a powerful tool of science and inspiration. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  3. wow when I saw that i was shocked I never thought someone in our school wuold hit the headlines on ABC news Great Job Austin!

  4. Epic Austin has changed the whole world by using a app called quest-a-gain!
    Hope u can change the world when u grow up Austin.
    Great work of knowing a lot of bird names and there scientific name.
    Keep up the good work Austin!!!!

  5. I am very inspired by your work and would like to know more about the app. Keep up the great work. What inspired you to do that.

  6. I like how Austen made a video about different kind of birds because it is good to know names of birds, and it is also good to know names of insect. In the future I predict that Austin will be a genius at naming birds , and looking at different types of insects. Really impressing to see that. 🙂

  7. Why did you decide to become a bird watcher? How many birds have you spotted? What do you enjoy about bird watching

  8. This is great! This should help the world of science find out more, it is also really cool that one of us is on the news! It seems that finding bird species is really fun!

  9. Great Job Austin! It’s good to see that someone from our school is doing something very useful for the environment. Good on ya mum your dad and yourself

  10. Great Job Austin! it’s good to see that someone from our school is doing something useful for the environment. Good on ya mum ya dad and yourself

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