MWPS is joining Enviroweek, a national schools’ event celebrating our positive everyday impact for our school community.

So what is Enviroweek?

Enviroweek is a national schools based event where Aussie kids take action and see the impact of their positive everyday choices; for them, their school or centre, and our environment.


From August 30 to September 5, we will be joining in by taking action and creating our online profile to share ideas with other schools and watch our collective impact grow across Australia.

Watch our progress through our Enviroweek school profile and VOTE FOR OUR SCHOOL.

We are doing simple actions like Target Tuesday, Rubbish Free Lunch Day, Earth Hour, Waste recycling and gardening. Small changes can have a big positive impact on our environment.

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 working bee

We would like to thank the following families and staff for their important and fabulous contribution to Sunday’s Working Bee. Many jobs were undertaken and completed successfully, ensuring that the school’s grounds remain beautiful and safe for the community.


Isbel/Anderson Family, Xu Family, McLean Family, Siriwardana Family, Tanur Family, Lim Family, Nawarathna Family, Rooks Family and Mawson Family.


Mr Paine, Mr Macaulay, Mr Rooks, Mr Parker, Sensei Kumakura, Mrs Winston and Miss Chalmers.

Working Bees are an opportunity for the community to give back to the school in helping to maintain and beautify the grounds. We are looking forward to greater community support in 2016 to ensure that our grounds can be effectively maintained without outsourcing to private contractors. Please come along to our next Working Bee on Saturday 7th November. This will be our last one for 2015.   It will be a great opportunity to get to know the staff, students and families of the school, whilst performing an invaluable community service.


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