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A message from our Environment Team Captains:

On Friday 28th February the school helped out with Clean Up Australia Day. The whole school gathered a total amount of 7.5 kg of rubbish. That is a 50% reduction of last year’s 13kg total. Next year let’s try to reduce our rubbish in the school yard; simply by picking up rubbish when found on the ground and making sure that EVERY DAY is a rubbish free lunch day.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on the day.

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Ella and Imandie

Environment Team Captains


wrking bee WORKING BEEnice to meet you bee

Working Bee Feb from Loretta Leary on Vimeo.

We would like to thank the following families and staff for their important and fabulous contribution to Sunday’s Working Bee. Many jobs were undertaken and completed successfully, ensuring that the school’s grounds remain beautiful and safe for the community.


Chintha Family, Richards Family, Birch Family, Malawwethantri Family, Sharp Family, Ashcroft Family, Wigglesworth Family, Liyanage Family, Fan Family, Boucher/Darlington Family, Batten Family, Lu Family, Yu Family, Paterson Family, Davis/Rintoul Family, Brown/Allen Family, George/Morrow Family, Zhan Family, Tanur Family, Zhong/Yang Family, Malik Family and Mawson Family.



Sue Pugliese, Mrs Noblett, Mr Paine, Mr Macaulay, Mr Rooks, Mr Parker, Leo the Electrician, Merryn Ashcroft and Elizabeth Beyer.


Working Bees are an opportunity for the community to give back to the school in helping to maintain and beautify the grounds. We are looking forward to greater community support in 2015 to ensure that our grounds can be effectively maintained without outsourcing to private contractors. Please come along to our next Working Bee  It will be a great opportunity to get to know the staff, students and families of the school, whilst performing an invaluable community service.

Loretta Leary

Sustainable Environment Leader


 working bee work bee


FEBRUARY 22nd 2015

We are seeking any interested parents and friends who would be willing to donate their time and expertise to help at this year’s first MWPS Working Bee.


Sunday February 22nd 2015 from 9 am – 2pm.


Meet us outside of the Office at the sign in table.


Removing the sucker weeds from the gardens behind the Senior Learning Centre and along the oval portables and the sides of the SL Buildings.

Laying gravel along the paths

Mulching the gardens around the school.

General tidying up of sandpit and grounds.

Light Pruning.


Refreshments will be provided.

Come and meet our teachers and parents, have some fun and help to make our school a better place to be.