Kids Teaching Kids Workshop Day

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Kids Teaching Kids Workshop Day

What is Kids Teaching Kids about?                                                                      

The Kids Teaching Kids Program promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. It raises awareness and drives action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges and help the next generation of leaders who will take collective responsibility for our future.

We connect and challenge students with real world issues, inspiring them to want to know more. By giving students the opportunity to present a workshop to others during Target Kids Teaching Kids Week or at one of the Kids Conferences, students see that they can have a positive impact on the world, starting in their own communities. They are given tools to manage their own learning and become confident, caring and informed citizen ready to take on new challenges.

On Tuesday 9th Sptember 2014, MWPS played host to our very own Kids teaching Kids Day. Senior Enviro Captains Harry and Aaran with Kids Teaching Kids delegates Neha, James, Imandie, Chanuth and Rachelle ran a series of workshops throughout the day. Staff and students from Knox Park, Monbulk, Orchard Grove and Mossgiel Park Primary Schools learnt about how to run a successful Rubbish Free Lunch program, how to plant seeds and start their own permaculture gardens and how MWPS runs its whole school Sustainability program. They interacted with hands on activities and saw how acting locally can have an impact globally. The feedback from the visiting schools was very positive and everyone had a wonderful time! Watch the video to see how the day unfolded.

KTK Day from Loretta Leary on Vimeo.