Greenfinger Gardening Gnomes at MWPS

Gardening Duty by 6B

On the 21st of February, our class, 6B, spent our last hour doing Garden Duty. Together we worked the hour away, sweeping sand back into the sandpit and shovelling mulch into the gardens. We worked extremely hard and had a fantastic result – the sandpit looked much neater and the gardens’ plants will benefit from the mulch. We also had a lot of fun doing it! The work we did was productive and we were proud of our teamwork.


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5A and 6E Buddy Up To Do Some Gardening!

IMG_4032Keep gardening because it helps the earth and it is quite fun too! Neha 5A


boysGardening helps nature and without tress we wouldn’t be able to live. Senuka 6E

I really liked using the wheelbarrows and wheeling the mulch into the gardens. Yash 6E

IMG_4030 Spreading the mulch was fun because we got to be outside and make the gardens look better. Melinda 5A

thomas Weeds are so careless that they can never grow in a straight row. Thomas 6E


girlsI liked being in the garden with my friend Maddy and helping the school look good. Jessica 5A


lucaGet gardening Australia! Luca 5A

I liked gardening because it’s good to be outside. Dulith 5A

IMG_4033  I loved doing this because it is good for the environment and it is helping our school to look better. Matthew 5A

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