Environment Team Captains’ Speech at Assembly on Monday 17th February, 2014:

On Friday, 14th February, the Year 6 Environment Team went to the Sustainable Living Festival in Federation Square. We first listened to Chris Jordan speak. Chris Jordan is a photographer from Seattle in the U.S.A. He takes data and turns it into photos of waste used over a period of time. He told us that such small things like not buying bottled water can help to save the world. Next we got to do a Mobile Muster workshop, where they told us about all the different parts and how to pull apart a mobile phone by ourselves. There is a container at the Community Recycling Station in the Office where you can place your old mobile phones. Overall, we had a great day learning about how we can make a difference in the world and we got to take home a little veggie seedling as a gift.

Aaran P and Harry J

Environment Team Captains

IMG_4047 Flinders St StationIMG_4054 With Chris Jordan after his speech. You can see his artwork at IMG_4059 All of the food at the festival came on plates that were reusable.IMG_4060 100% frozen fruit icy poles

IMG_4064 an idea for our next Royal Melbourne Show entry perhaps?IMG_4067 We sponsor Monti the Orang-utan through these peopleIMG_4069 Looking at all the stalls at the festival

IMG_4070 We are friends of the Leadbeater’s Possum

IMG_4073 Spiros taught us about the importance of recycling mobile phonesIMG_4077 And we got to pull them apart and find all of the recyclable partsIMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4087 IMG_4095 We ate our pure mango icy poles on the way home

IMG_4098 Relaxing on the trainIMG_4101 IMG_4103 And a little veggie seedling as a souvenir of the day



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