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This year 400 plants that are indigenous to the Monash area were planted behind the portables in order to extend the wildlife corridor between the school and the Council easement. They will provide food and shelter for our native wildlife. When established the area will also double as an outdoor learning space for scientific learning, such as studying life cycles, mini beasts, nature and wildlife. The Senior Environment team ran the day and everyone got out into nature and had great fun! A special thank you to Sensei and Mr Rooks for helping Ms Leary run the day and to Max D B for also organizing the planting groups. A big thanks to Izzy and Holly, our Environment Captains, for running the day. They explained to every class what had to be done and kept everything running smoothly. I would also like to thank the Senior Environment Team for collecting classes and helping to plant the plants. Everyone had a great day and Mother Nature thanks you. This has also raised our Biodiversity levels for our 5 Star accreditation. The winners of the Tree Day Colouring Competition will be announced at the last assembly this term. They will win some great prizes and a special event to do with planting a special tree will happen.



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Schools Tree Day, held on the last Friday of July (29th July 2016), is a special day for Australia’s school children. As budding environmentalists they are doing their bit for our country by planting native trees and shrubs and beautifying our school grounds. Over 250,000 school children were involved in last year’s event. Tree Day shows us how easy and fun it is to help our environment and connect with nature.

“Planting native trees in our school is a great way to ensure that plenty of habitat is provided for our native wildlife,” says Earnest Eco-Earth. “It’s also an important way that we can contribute to the environment and help fight climate change at a community level.”

This year 400 plants will be planted along the back fence gardens, around the back of the portables making the gardens look better and to provide a place for our local wildlife to eat and live safely. This will be our 16th Annual Tree Planting Day at MWPS and will go towards our school maintaining its BIODIVERSITY Star as part of the AUSSI Resource Smart Schools Program.

Also a colouring competition is being held again this year with fabulous environmentally themed prizes on offer. Colouring sheets can be obtained from classroom teachers or from the COMPETITIONS page of the MWPS SUSTAINABILITY blog (see tab above or click on the word COMPETITIONS). The link is

This year there is a junior entry (Prep – 2), a senior entry (Yrs 3-6) and a teacher/parent entry. This way the whole family can be involved! However, the senior entry is a little different this year. We are expecting students to embellish the tree outline to represent this year’s theme; We Can Grow So Much! What they put in the tree is only limited to their imagination!

All entries must have the child’s/adult’s name and grade on the front and can be given to Ms Leary (room LA7) or left at the office. The competition closes on FRIDAY AUGUST5th. No late entries will be accepted.

For more information on Planet Ark’s Tree Planting Day click on the link:





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Vote to help our school bloom!

The Back to Earth Initiative puts your green waste to good use, creating recycled organic compost to help farms, gardens and community spaces bloom. Vote to help your favourite garden or environmental project do the same with $5000 worth of assistance from the Back to Earth Initiative. You can vote for as many projects as you like, but only once a day for each project. Vote for MWPS!!!!

Once you’ve voted and pledged your support for the Back to Earth Initiative, remember to share with your friends and family and learn more about why it’s important to use your green waste bin correctly.

Voting closes Sunday 22 May. The four projects with the most votes in each of the four categories will become the 16 finalists, with one grand prize winner and three category winners chosen by a judging panel. VOTE EVERY DAY TO HELP US WIN!


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Just go to:

Look for us mwps vote 2and VOTE EVERY DAY!!!!!






1 dollarGOLD COIN DONATION2 dollars

WWF (World Wildlife Fund )is challenging Australians to head off to work and school and go about their day dressed head-to-toe as an animal during WILD ONESIE WEEK (which includes World Environment Day on June 5). MWPS Senior Environment Team is challenging our school to participate in this event by holding a WILD ONESIE DAY on WEDNESDAY 1st  JUNE. Students may dress in a wild onesie or dress like an animalon the day. A GOLD COIN donation is requested. The funds raised will go towards our sponsored animals (which include koalas, a bilby, an orangutan, a Tasmanian devil, meerkats and a Leadbeater’s possum. See our animals page for more info)

Loretta Leary

Sustainable Environment Leader


thHEZYT7OXIn the turf war between rabbits and bilbies that plays out in burrows dug into Australia’s arid grasslands, rabbits, those aggressive and fertile European immigrants, have largely won out. However, the chocolate bilby has staked its claim on the springtime candy shelf — an honor that could help the threatened species make a real comeback.

frank bilbyNever heard of a bilby? Well, it’s a cute, rabbit-sized marsupial with large ears and a long, pointed nose; once upon a time, it hopped around much of Australia. But the arrival of European settlers some 200 years ago brought hard times for the bilbies. Cities and farms destroyed habitat. Foxes and feral cats preyed on them. And rabbits eventually pushed the bilbies out of their burrows. “[The rabbits] were eating everything in their way,” says David Paton, an ecologist at the University of Adelaide. Today the bilby numbers only in the thousands, but Easter traditions – and chocolate in particular — have helped keep the bilby’s image going strong.

bilby green tagPink Lady Chocolates and Haigh’s Chocolates have teamed up with the Save The Bilby Fund to provide the Australians with their own Easter Bilby. Proceeds from the sale of these bilbies goes towards research, breeding programs and the conservation of the endangered creatures. “At Easter time it seems ludicrous to me that less than one percent of the chocolate market is bilbies and all the rest are rabbits. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in the last hundred or so years by all forms of governments, state, local and federal in trying to rid Australia of rabbits, and yet here we are celebrating Easter with rabbits! It’s ludicrous!” – Frank Manthey.Easter Sunday 2016 is the 27th March this year. Look for Pink Lady Bilby Chocolates with the GREEN TAG that show the donation amount to Save the Bilby Fund. You can hunt for chocolate bilbies at Ritchies/IGA, Target, Australia Post, Big W, Myers, David Jones, plus many specialty shops.

Mount Waverley Primary school is proud to sponsor several bilbies with Save The Bilby Fund and Arid recovery. For more information on bilbies go to   or

bilby not bunny






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Our Environmental Sustainability policy encourages all members of the school community to be active and responsible in their actions towards the global environment. The overarching theme of our whole school curriculum is: It’s Our Choice! In an effort to minimise our ecological footprint, MWPS has chosen to implement regular Earth Hours at school and asks the school community to support this event at home and even, if possible, at work.

This event has been created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming. All you need to do is turn off all of your lights for one hour. Easy!

We will be supporting this program at school again on Friday, March 18th (TOMORROW) by switching off all of the lights in the school and any unnecessary electrical equipment in each classroom for one hour between 2.30 and 3.30pm. Throughout the year, there will be many more Earth Hours celebrated in our school in an effort to make a difference and to making Earth Hour part of our everyday lives at school, home and at work.

How will you celebrate Earth Hour in 2016?

There are many ways to get involved, from spreading the word or holding your own Earth Hour event, to making Earth Hour part of your everyday life at home and at work. You also get your own Earth Hour page which allows you to see the direct effect that you are having when you invite friends and family to get involved too. Go to to find out more and register.


EH16_Collateral_School_A3The planet can supply for our need,

             but not for our greed!

               It’s Our Choice!

 earth hour



clean up your mess clean up oz

On Friday 28th February the school helped out with Clean Up Australia Day. The whole school gathered a total amount of 11.35 kg of rubbish. That is almost a 50% increase of last year’s 7.5kg total. Next year let’s try to reduce our rubbish in the school yard; simply by picking up rubbish when found on the ground and making sure that EVERY DAY is a rubbish free lunch day.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on the day.

captains and bags IMG_8675 IMG_4170 DSCF1725



Congratulations and welcome to Isabelle and Holly, our 2016 Environment Captains. They will have many roles to fill this year including weighing rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day, helping to run the Senior Environment Club, running School Sustainability Tours, running Tree Planting Day, raising funds for our sponsored animals and leading our presentations at the 2016 Kids Teaching Kids Conference at Etihad Stadium and MWPS KTK Workshop Day at school. Look out for them and their posts on our Sustainability Blog’s Captains page.




On Wednesday 27th November, MWPS celebrated its fourth annual Green Day. This is a day for celebrating all of our “green” achievements; recycling programs, gardening programs, animal adoptions and our 5 Star Resource Smart Sustainable School status. Students dressed in green, as their favourite animal or as something else inspired by nature (a tree or the earth perhaps). The Year 6 Environment reps ran School Sustainability tours and we had a whole school Green Nude Food Picnic. Students participated in green themed activities within their classrooms. Each child received a special GREEN DAY SHOWBAG that had stickers, a colouring sheet, seeds and an apple!!! At the end of the day the whole school was rewarded for their Target Tuesday efforts with a lovely frozen fruit stick.

Green Day 2015 from mwps on Vimeo.